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Trevia Purse

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“Trevia” meaning “Three Ways” or the three-way crossroads of the Goddess Hecate who received offerings of cake, fruit or money. It’s only fitting that the Goddess Hecate would carry a purse finished with three triangles tipped in pearls to reference “Trevia”, the Roman title given to her, and the money to be held safely in her clutches. Taking a trip? Be sure to bring the dressy “Trevia” purse along for the Goddess Hecate’s protection for your journey. The delicate clutch purse in Authentic Metal Lace measures 4-1/2” wide x 7-3/4” long with a 2” wide flap secured with a magnet which hangs down 3-1/2” ending in pearls. Strap is 18” long.
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