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Maat's Amulet

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An amulet for Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth and judgment. Maat’s amulet is reminiscent of the eye shape which is only fitting as the mother-syllable Maa meant “to see” and appeared as an eye in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The eye held many meanings for the Egyptians, but the messages that spoke to me the most were “The eye of truth or insight” and the eye of God inside the human mind.” Are you awakening to spirit? It’s forever surrounding you; balancing you when you let it.

Amulets have a long history of protecting the wearer as they are believed to hold special powers. And have been worn to enhance marriage, wealth, health, love and relationships. In the Thai culture, amulets were placed under a temple structure during the building process. The collapsing of the building releases the amulets out into the world to continue their ability to bring good fortune. Maat’s Amulet is made of the medium ring stainless Authentic Metal Lace; the amulet itself is 4-½” long by 1-¼” wide with a chain measuring 2 inches. A talisman to support you in your ventures out in the world.

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