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Hera's Wristlet

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If we look at Hera’s name, the idea that Hiera meaning “Holy One” could have been related to the ancient goddess/queens who ruled in her name is not too far off. Going back to the Amazons, we encounter Hiera of Mysia, an Amazon queen, who led her army against the Greeks in defense of Troy.

Certainly Hera/Hiera would have worn such powerful wristlets as protection during the battle. But, now, Hera’s Wristlets become a “strangely empowering” object for the wearer. Perhaps blessing the wearer with eternal life as Hera, the Mother of Gods, was known to provide the gods with the nectar of immortality.

Will fit most hands as it rests around the wrist and thumb. And, the lobster claw clasps will hook into the mesh anywhere creating a snug or loose fit depending upon your preference. And, guess what? You can wear a wristlet on either hand; they’re reversible. Stainless, 7-¼” long x 3” wide, laying down.

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