“How to” Video Shoot

This was a combined photo and video shoot. We wanted to make videos showing how to wear the scarf, vest and tie, but Elaine had also recently completed the bikini top which had never been photographed. Both came out wonderfully! Kassy did a great job in front of the camera and Debbie was skillful behind the camera. A special thanks to Steve Newkirk and Donna Granata for providing equipment and to Steve for the behind the scenes photos.

Debbie O’Brien: Videographer and Still Photographer, Kassy Kanaar: Model, Steve Newkirk: Grip.



Strength and Delicacy

I wanted to tell you that I get so many compliments whenever I wear your necklace.  From friends to complete strangers sitting next to me who stop to ask about it.  It is so nice to wear and fiddle with, it feels great and it is striking in its strength and delicacy balance. I do enjoy it! Thought you might want to know you are spreading beauty around!

Lorelei, Cherry Creek, CO

Avid Fan

I adore my necklace and find myself putting it on any chance I get. Please consider me one of your newest avid fans.

Linda L., Chicago

Milwaukee Award

“This artist’s manipulation of chain mail mesh, a material associated with protection and defense, into stylish pieces of wearable art is marvelous. The soft bends and folds of the forms add an unexpected subtlety of design to the works. The accenting details and clean designs combine to give each piece an overall elegance.”

Festival Jurors
Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of Arts

Beautiful Work

We…just got back from D.C. and we went to…the Phillips Museum. And low and behold, in their gift shop was some of your mesh jewelry. Of course, there are a couple of necklaces that I bought my daughters and…my own necklace with the seed pods…that I always get compliments on. …it makes me very happy that other people will see your beautiful work.

J. W., Ventura, CA

Rave Reviews

Elaine—thanks a million.  Wore vest to St. Patty’s day party…..rave reviews.  Loving it.



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