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Minne’s Enchantment

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As you dive into the water, disappearing from view you are led to a new world. The water becomes a beacon of intensity pulsing you back into a sea of love. Love spreads from here, reaching into deep recesses of caverns you’ve never discovered. You are now standing in the Grotto of Love where the Love Goddess Minne roams. Marvel at her inner sanctuary where your eyes land on the white stalagmite revealing a pearl of the cave. What will you do with this pearl of wisdom? Minne has a Headdress that can also be worn as a Necklace just for you called “Minne’s Enchantment”. 22-½” long with the headband width at ⅝”, the triangular shapes range from 1-¼” long to 2” long. Stainless Authentic Metal Lace, white pearls

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