Pen and Journal

A lot is happening! Right now I’m taking an eight week long-form writing class for fun. Yes, you read that right. I absolutely love it – hesitant, when I started. Every week my classmates and I share our writing. I’m on the edge of my seat with some of the stories – reading what might be part of a chapter. Waiting til the next time to find out about the various characters and where the story is going. And, all kinds of changes take place throughout. It’s becoming a part of my creative outlet which is why I’m sharing this. And, lo and behold, I can create characters too, an amazing idea to me at the time. An aha moment popped up when I realized I can make my characters do anything – pretty spectacular. Writing seems to flow through me much in the same way the ideas pop in for my metalwork. Everything is connected and creativity loves mixing it all up.

  • Three new earrings!
  • June Second Saturday Open Studio
  • New Interview