Valentine Promotion
30 years in business.

My Valentine’s Promotion!!!!

2023 is my 30th year in business. All year I will be having special surprises to thank my dear fanciers. It all begins with this Valentine’s special to give you $30 off your purchase of any of the items below.


Ruby Pearl Rolled Necklace

Ruby Pearl Rolled Necklace

The rolled necklace got its name from its creation process. I rolled the material back over itself to give dimension to the necklace. The stones actually play a dual purpose: to hold the roll of the necklace and to adorn it. Available in 16 inch and 18 inch lengths.

$225  Offer price: $195

Ruby Pearl Ribbon Scarf

The 60″ long Ribbon Scarf/Necklace is delicate, only ½” wide. The Scarf/Belt has an extra feature of a slight V in the center to draw your eye in where three pearls hang, finishing with two pearls on each angled end. Again, only ½” wide, so the ability to wrap and tie in any way you desire is there. Plus you may have enough length to create a simple belt tied around the waist. Be sure to tie it twice to keep it from opening up as you walk.

$150  Offer price: $120

Ruby Pearl Ribbon Scarf
1/4 Wide Bracelet with Ruby Pearls

Ruby Pearl 1/4 Wide Bracelet and Earrings

This bracelet looks and feels delicate. It’s about a quarter inch wide and weighs just 2 tenths of an ounce.  The standard length is 7.5 inches. Sizing is available. To go with your bracelet, you get to choose from either the triangle or 1/4 wide pairs of earrings below.

$148 w/triangle earrings  Offer price: $118

$128 w/1/4 wide earrings  Offer price: $98