Cereus Cactus Bloom

Petal Protruding

I’d like to share a journey with you about a cactus, yes, a cactus. Large cuttings were planted last year. This month we noticed a growth coming out of the side of each plant. Upon closer inspection, we realized they were blooms about to take off. So naturally, we watched it all through the day. Finally a bloom appeared one morning only to shrivel up by the end of the morning. Research revealed that it is a member of the cereus night blooming cactus family, where the bloom lasts only one night and possibly into the early morning. I stopped typing here to take a look at the plant yet again. The most recent bloom had closed up; it resembled a kiss with the pink tip of a petal protruding.

 “If you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flower….Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.”

“Let’s Dance” David Bowie 

Full Moon

The full moon glowed in the night sky as we watched the bloom open. The event inspired the title of two new bracelets. The Heavenly Orb Bracelets, bracelets to bring in all the lights of heaven through the opening. Each bracelet combines an elegant silver orb with the stainless Authentic Metal Lace to caress the wrist. The wider Heavenly Orb Bracelet is valued at $125.00 and measures 7-½” long by 1-¼” wide ending in a lobster claw clasp. The delicacy of the narrow Heavenly Orb Bracelet will be sure to enhance your wrist with the length at 7-½” long by 1” wide ending in a lobster claw clasp and valued at $115.00.

Limited Editions

Being indoors has also pushed me creatively. And, I’ve come up with four new limited edition bracelets. Two, I’m calling “Connection” bracelets. They are both made with the Authentic Metal Lace cut on the bias, a narrow version and a wide version. You’ll notice that the mesh appears to have less gaps or openings and becomes a slinky sheet across the wrist; super comfortable as they move with your hands. Each time you wear it you’ll think about how each of us are connected. The “Connection” bracelets are our reminders of that connection. The Limited Edition narrow “Connection” bracelet at ½” wide is valued at $120.00. And you can choose between the standard 7-½” long length or an 8” length. At 1-¼” wide the larger Limited Edition “Connection” bracelet is valued at $150.00. And, it also comes in both the standard 7-½” length or the 8” length.

Wide Heavenly Orb Bracelet
Narrow Heavenly Orb Bracelet
Joyful Dance Necklace

Cereus Moonlight

And, just in case you want to dance in the light of the full moon, be sure to check out my new necklace. The Joyful Dance Necklace is a one of a kind piece that’s sure to add a bounce to your step with 1-¼” wide stainless Authentic Metal Lace to lay along your neck. The focus of Joyful Dance is the ¾” high by ¾” wide alaskan coral bead swinging from the sterling triangle finished with swaying strands of sterling wire hammered to shape. And, that’s not all, a tiny cast bronze pod sits within the triangle as an accent. Joyful Dance is a 16-1//2” long necklace with a pendant hanging down at 4-¼” long and is valued at $400.00.

 I’m grateful to be sharing my life’s journey with you! May you spend time in the light of the moon basking in its healing powers. And, feel free to reach out to me or share this newsletter with your friends. Love hearing from you! And because you made it this far, a Cereus Bee video. What do you think, is it high on pollen or a bit intimidated?