Townies Grand Re-Opening flyer

I’ll be here showing off my model chandelier and enjoying stories. Join us!

When Kim came to me asking if I would put together an art installation for the Townies, I was incredulous. Really? It’s such an honor to be considered let alone to be selected. Oh, what are the Townies? A fabulous Ojai non-profit that brings everyday, ordinary, amazing people together to write. My classmates and I start with a prompt of a few words and expand on it. It’s creative writing with you and your life along with a huge mix of support as you share your story with your class. It’s invaluable to me!

Within a few days, ideas started pouring through me onto my sketchbook. Probably wouldn’t look like much to most people as my sketches are only to hold a thought with some writing of ideas and possibilities. The thread meandering around in my head, “Kim works with people allowing their story to unfold. Every person is made up of many stories; she lets their story shine.”

An idea popped into my head. A chandelier with metal books, pages open, stories started. And words, lots of words. Words connecting people, words singing true, words opening hearts, words of honor, words to memorialize, words moving in and around the piece. Art and words, words and art, a creation beginning. The Townies provides the space for joining each other in words.

My imagery is meant to carry you through the piece; to gain access to the power of your story. Place yourself at the beginning; answer the prompt. You may be surprised by what surfaces.

Imagine what you can create if you let go and allow.

Book in Progress
Model of a chandelier book

Designing the books for the chandelier