We’re into November already! What, whoa, hold on! How did that happen? Wait, that means wonderful food which I love, especially with Keith, the chef extraordinaire in the household. Can’t you just smell the turkey roasting in the oven? And don’t get me started on the apple pie that’s in the near future, as our apple tree is loaded.

Climate Exhibit

Anyway, the holidays are beginning and I’m soEarthHeart Necklacegrateful for all of you in my life. You keep me moving in new directions and you always show up to enjoy my work and encourage my creativity. And, many of you, helped to bring the EarthHeart Pendants to life. Guess what? They are now on display at the Ojai Valley Museum in conjunction with their climate exhibit Ojai Warming: Flora & Fauna in the Time of Climate Change. Here’s an opportunity for locals to focus on the rare and endangered plants and animals here in the Ojai valley threatened by climate change. And for my part, I will be giving proceeds from the sale of the EarthHeart pendants to the Climate Museum in New York City. Why, the Climate Museum? It’s the first museum in our country dedicated solely to climate issues.