Kelsey Hellebuyck in Stepping Out Dress and Tour Dates

What’s happening this weekend? How about visiting my studio in Ojai during the Ojai Studio Tour? It’s free this year so take advantage of it. And, you’ll also be invited to peruse my beautiful, new outdoor studio.

Keith and I have been working on it most of this year. Last year the dream for it came about. So, now the thoughts, planning and stages are all coming together. I’ve had a blast with the new display space. You can really have an eyefest with details popping out. And, I have expansive room. Take a look at the climbing roses with the flowers honoring the spot.

Outdoor Studio Space

 Love to share with you! And, as always, there’s a seat just for you to hang out. Because I want you to linger, to lounge, to be comfortable. I want you to feel your way through the beginning of our back garden. Every year new things will develop. But, you can bet the climbing roses will be more spectacular as time goes by.

I’ll be sharing new jewelry and a wedding dress under construction. Yes, you read that correctly, a wedding dress, which I’m thrilled to show you. And, I’ll be giving away a gift at the end of the tour. It’s your chance to win a “Ribbon Scarf” which is one of the newest items in my collection.

Kelsey Hellebuyck wearing the Ribbon Scarf