Blossom Scarf

Two Shows and New Products!

Wow! Hard to believe but September is flying in with a roar! Lots on my agenda, where do I begin? First off I’ll be participating in American Craft Exposition, a Virtual show, from September 20 through the 26th. And, this is really exciting as I’m joined with a number of my brilliant artist friends from all over the country. There’s sure to be something for everyone in this event!

I’ve created a few new items exclusively for this event. You get a sneak peek at the Blossoms scarf (above) and the Trevia purse (below) which will be available on my website beginning on September 20. And, here’s the best part, I’ll be donating a portion of every sale during the week to ACE’s Craft for a Cause to raise funds for SAVE MOMS, a program that will identify early indicators of potential risks or severe maternal complications before, during and after pregnancy.

I’ll be sharing more photos and videos on Instagram-theunzicker and Facebook-@theunzicker. So if you’re not following me, maybe it’s time to take a peek. Of course, you on my email list have the prime spot in viewing what’s happening in the world of Authentic Metal Lace jewelry and accessories.


Outdoor studio/display space

Ojai Studio Artists Tour Time

Believe it or not, the Ojai Studio Artists Tour is almost upon us too, October 9-11. It’s free this year, be sure to put it on your calendar. My focus for the tour has been on an outdoor studio/display space. It’s in process and almost ready for you visit. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the space.

Keith found these doors on NextDoor and has been transforming them for me into standing moveable displays. I’ll be able to create vignettes for my jewelry displays and have a backdrop for anything I might want to put up on the wall. We’ve also planted a couple of climbing roses in front to create beauty at the entrance. It’s inspiring me to create! Visit with you soon at either of the events! Or, drop me a line and let meknow what summer project you’ve been up to. I’m sure you will inspire me. Love to hear from you!

Doors for display