The Crown Update

(No, it’s not an update on your favortie Netflix show)

Last time I shared my difficulty with soldering for a crown I was working on. I succeeded in soldering the tube onto the copper piece in the second round. But, I’ve noticed that when doing an unusual soldering job, it may take more than one pass. As I glean from the experience of the previous attempt, I determine how to adjust it just a little differently.

You may notice along the bottom of the crown a row of rings hanging down. Each one was welded to the copper as an attachment for the Authentic Metal Lace; essentially to keep it in place. Boy, I’m sounding so technical. I hope I haven’t put you to sleep yet. Stones were added to the crown to create the regal quality associated with such a magnificent piece. And, a gold finish brought it to completion.

Crown of Enlightenment detail

 Why did I title it the “Crown of Enlightenment”? It was created for an exhibit whose theme is Finding Light which can mean many things. I chose to dwell on the spiritual light I’ve been experiencing through meditation. Meditation has definitely been an extremely important facet to my life and even more so during the pandemic. It’s so natural now that I notice when I do not meditate which can bring on extra tiredness and irritability. A crown seemed a natural fit for this idea as the energy is meant to flow in from the third eye area at the top of the head. Who knows, maybe I’ll work on my own personal crown just for meditation purposes.

The “Crown of Enlightenment” will be on display at the Ojai Valley Museum. The exhibition opens August 20 and will go through October 11. Be sure to see each artist’s interpretation of Finding Light. And, here’s a reminder to put the upcoming Ojai Studio Tour on your calendar: a Kickoff Party on Friday, October 8 with Open Studios October 9-11 from 10AM-5PM.