"Seven Rays" as a necklace

Rising to the Challenge

 Currently, I find myself in the studio soldering a huge piece. This is somewhat unusual; even the setup is out of the ordinary. But, hey, I had the idea of creating a crown, “The Crown of Enlightenment” for the upcoming Ojai Studio Artists exhibit “Finding Light” at the Ojai Valley Museum. I’ve been wondering if this idea will work. It’s challenging to solder a thin, small piece of tubing to a thick, big piece of metal. Heat needs to be equal between both pieces for the solder to flow. My first attempt didn’t work. But, here’s a great video of the torch and I in sync.

The size of the piece allows for better visibility of my process. And, if the second attempt is not successful, I’ve already figured out a third possibility without solder. Artists always rise to the challenge in our work because that’s how we grow. The more we work through the solution; the more we add new tools to our process kit. Defeat is not my mantra, but a teacher along the journey of life.

Circe's Headband
Seven Rays

Circe’s Headband

As the “Crown of Enlightenment” is in process, I wanted to show you two other headpieces I’ve recently created. “Circe’s Headband” which primarily focuses on the hair, as the goddess apparently used the braids and knots in her hair to determine the fate of men. She was known to control all the lights of heaven. This piece allows you to pull your hair out and display it as a part of the headband. And, if you happen to have long hair, a ponytail will look fabulous in the back. It is valued at $340.00.

Seven Rays

Seven Rays is a Headband directing energy to the third eye, the seat of intuition. There are seven points of Authentic Metal Lace pointing to the third eye. Maybe it’s a hint to start meditating or it could be worn while meditating to connect with your guidance. There’s an Egyptian influence in there somewhere; haven’t quite placed it yet. It can also be worn as a Necklace and forms a collar if draped over a scoop neck top. It is valued at $260.00.