Invincible Jacket

Shout Out LA

Sometimes the stars lineup and publicity happens. Yes, it just happens. It’s always unexpected and such an honor. And, of course, I want you to know all about it. So here it is, from Shout Out LA, an online magazine: Meet Elaine Unzicker: An Empowerment Couturiere for Women

One of the feature items in the article is a jacket with loose, wide sleeves. “Invincible” created in 2020 is a jacket to be displayed on the wall so it has definitely crossed into the non-wearable category. But, it can be worn and I know I personally felt better each time I put it on. Somehow, the protective quality exuded by the metal surrounding my body created a sense of comfort that is difficult to fully describe. This quality, the magical feeling behind my work is why I do what I do. And, I want others to share in the experience as well. It’s currently on display at the OVA art gallery in downtown Ojai where you can get up close to it. I’ve added it to my website as well in case someone out there is inspired!

Most of the items in the article are available too. If you find yourself craving something, please let me know. And, I’m here to help with any gift ideas too. Summer Solstice, anyone? Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. Have fun in the sun!