Celebrate Women Owned Businesses

The Dance of Art

How did I end up having my own business? Actually, do I have a business? Artists don’t really like to think about the art they do as a business. I believe my mother owning her own business when female owned businesses were really unusual, has something to do with it. Growing up, I knew my mom would be home a little later than me because she was at work. I had a built-in role model early on.

And, let me tell you she loves what she does as she is still doing it part time at the age of 82. There’s inspiration and dedication for you. Her apartment is just above the office and she can walk to work by using the handrail. I believe the job keeps her clear mind active. You might ask, “When is she retiring?” Her answer, “When I can’t walk up and down the stairs.”

I agree with the sentiment. Artists don’t retire; we keep on creating only more slowly. And, I create with you, my greatest fans, in mind. I thought you might enjoy this little peek into my creative world. It’s a short video in my studio showing the beginning stages of my process. Pay particular attention to the sound close to the end where the mesh is drawn across the floor; it’s wonderful!

Kelsey Hellebuyck with the Companion purse
Companion Purse

Companion Purse

I do relate to all kinds of people because of the artwork I create. And, because I am incredibly grateful to each of you, I’d like to share two new items. The first one is the “Companion” Purse. That is Kelsey Hellebuyck holding one in the image above. Why is it titled the “Companion” Purse? Because it is perfect for the always necessary cell phone, your everyday companion, fits snugly and easily inside. The Authentic Metal Lace reaching back to an ancient time, the design having a definite flair for the current day. The interconnecting circles reminding each of us of our connection to each other. And, the 45” long strap allows you to wear it across the body. I’d be happy to adjust the strap length to what you prefer; that’s what us artists do.

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Companion Purse - Open

Empowering Cuff

The Empowering Cuff Bracelet is super fun to wear with its sleek design and the sterling slide clasp. At 1-⅝” wide, it is the widest bracelet I’ve made. Now, the length will be determined by your wrist size. So, this is meant to be a more custom fit which I love to do. Please provide your wrist size when ordering. Measurement to be taken just below the wrist bone with a tape measure. Any questions, I’m here for you, please call or email, whatever is easiest. And, you can choose it in the Authentic Metal Lace only, for an everyday bracelet valued at $200.00 or the “Pearls Galore” bracelet with grey pearls spread across the mesh creating a splash of moving color for a more dressy look, valued at $300.00. Options are wonderful!

Kelsey Wearing the Empowering Cuff

Kelsey Hellebuyck wearing the Empowering Cuff


The Empowering Cuff

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