Peach Blossoms

April is turning out to be a busy month…

with spring buds bursting open and a freshness in the air. Or is that pollen? The focus turns more to nature’s greenery and earthly delights. Looking to the Goddess Medana as she was referred to in Ireland, you can find a sacred tree associated with her. Where is your sacred tree?

Medana's Necklace

Medana’s Necklace

Perhaps Medana’s necklace is a part of your sacred tree. Medana’s necklace has four branches extending out from it with the center representing the trunk or bulk of the tree. You can wear it and imagine the healing energy of the tree enfolding you. The 16 inch length of stainless Authentic Metal Lace comforting you in its energy. And, as all trunks do, variations exist which is where the pearls come in. Two white pearls and a single grey pearl adorn the center of the piece. And, of course, you would want those pearls in particular as waters from Medana’s regenerative well were known to cure sore eyes. Let’s just say these pearls came out of Medana’s water so we’re all on the same page.

Medana's Bracelet

Medana’s Bracelet

Medana's Bracelet on Wrist

Medana’s Bracelet on Wrist

Blessed in the feminine art of healing, Medana, the “Wise One” carries a name related to the word “medicine”. Forever, a heaven dweller, she had power over the sun, the moon, and the stars. So, it’s only fitting that Medana’s bracelet feel powerful and comfortable when worn. The stainless Authentic Metal Lace is cut on the bias. Two things happen when I cut the material this way – first, there is always a little more material and second, it does feel powerful because the rings tend to push together creating a little less of that lacey effect. And, the closure is a lobster clasp in the center after tapering each end to a triangular point. A simply elegant design to empower you. The jewelry for Medana are part of the 30 Objects each valued at $50.00 each, only a few more left to add to the collection.

Ojai Meets Rosendal, South Africa

In other news, the large EarthHeart pendant is now part of an artist exhibition raising funds for two climate parks: one, here in Oja and one, in Rosendal, South Africa all in a month centered around Earth Day. Having artists in two countries working together on projects really brings it home how much we’ve all learned to communicate beyond our backyard. You can see the exhibit in person at the Helios Gallery (courtyard side) in Ojai, 260 E. Ojai Avenue or online at (where you can also view the auction items now). Be sure to stop by for the Closing Reception in Ojai from 11AM-1PM, Sunday, April 18 where you can chat with me and the other exhibiting artists. 

Julie Wearing EarthHeart

Originally chosen for its tribute to the healing from the 2017 Thomas fire, EarthHeart continues to resonate for me in ever-changing ways. the delicacy of the design combined with the strength of the metal perfectly interprets the power of Mother Nature and the simplicity of intention needed to allow for the gifts we can only receive through the alchemy of death and rebirth. 

Julie Denney Hamann

The auction goes live on April 16 and closes at Noon on Sunday, April 18th. However, you can Buy Now with a 15% fee before the auction begins. Not to leave it out, the small EarthHeart pendant is featured on my dear friend Julie and looks wonderful on her. Although it’s not a part of the exhibition it is still a way to help with climate issues. A portion of proceeds from the sale of either EarthHeart goes to the wonderful Climate Museum in New York.

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