Calming Connections

Sterling Ashpod Necklace

March is almost over and I’m just now sitting down to write to you. I’ve been working on a commission with the sterling chain mail. With a small quantity of material, any piece created is an intimate limited edition. And, I had enough to complete this special design similar to the ash pod necklace shown which is currently available. What I want to share with you is the rhythm I found when I took this short video of me working in the studio. The rhythm in the sound of pliers dropping as I changed tools and the rhythm in the quiet cutting. This motion allows me to drop into a meditative state; I seem to have calm all around me as I continue the process.

Noy's Dress


Here’s the call – feel free to commission me. You’ll be spreading calmness around my house as I dive into your piece. And, I love the collaboration we’ll have together because that’s what’s required. We become a team. I listen and translate and play in my studio. And, you and I are advising each other and, in a way, cheering each other on. What could be better?

I truly am honored to spend time with each and every one of you in different ways. I’d love to know what you’re doing to stay calm during this time. I’m guessing each one of you has a unique vision to maintain your center and it might involve more than one thing. Feel free to share with me your personal tips. Love to hear from you!

Crystal Drop Necklace
Brass Necklace with Pearls

Ojai Valley Artists

Ojai Valley Artists

Ojai Valley Artists

238 Ojai Ave, Ojai, Ca ~ 805.646.5682

In other news, I now have my work in the Ojai Valley Artists Gallery (OVA Arts) in downtown Ojai. A co-op gallery featuring local artists’ work. The selection of artwork is impressive – certainly something for everyone. And, one day a week, I’ll be on staff for a couple of hours. I’m looking forward to meeting new people who stop in for a visit. See you soon!


I’ve teamed up with artists in Rosendal, South Africa and artists here in Ojai to be a part of the Climate Park Project. Where art takes on a role for global regeneration. My EarthHeart pendants will be featured in an online exhibition and auction to raise funds for a Climate Park in each city. The event is taking place from April 7-19. Art Auction goes live on April 17, Earth Day. I’ve included a link to the Facebook Event so you can be a part of it.