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Aphrodite’s Love

It’s February, the month of Love. So, here’s to spreading more love your way. For you, I’m calling in the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (aka: Venus), who is said to be older than time.

Did you know that Aphrodite’s sacred metal was copper? Of course, today I’m sure she would add stainless to her list. She was called “the Cyprian” or “the Paphian” named after the city of Paphos on Cyprus, the island named for its copper mines. Aphrodisias, a city in Asia Minor is named after her as well for her patronage of the arts and crafts. The discovery of exquisite artifacts and statuary in Aphrodisias points to a sophisticated and cultivated lifestyle under Aphrodite’s watchful eye.

30 Objects of the Heart

Two More Pieces!

Last month’s pieces sold out so quickly that many people didn’t have a chance, so I’ve created two more.

In honor of Aphrodite, I have two new pieces for the Objects of the Heart valued at $50.00 each. First is “Aphrodite’s Bracelet” featuring the joining of two similar strips of stainless Authentic Metal Lace with much larger rings. The connection of the larger rings becomes the focus in the bracelet allowing for a simple and delicate feature in the design. Size: 1-⅛” Wide by 7-½” Long

And, of course, “Aphrodite’s Necklace” is on the list as well. It features a simple band of the stainless “Authentic Metal Lace” coming together. The focal point being the connection of the larger rings towards the center of the chest. A more substantial look; to be expected when thinking of Aphrodite. Size: 1” Wide by 20-½” Long; the pendant portion is 1-⅜” Wide by 3” Long.

Blessed in the feminine art of healing, Medana, the “Wise One” carries a name related to the word “medicine”. Forever, a heaven dweller, she had power over the sun, the moon, and the stars. So, it’s only fitting that Medana’s bracelet feel powerful and comfortable when worn. The stainless Authentic Metal Lace is cut on the bias. Two things happen when I cut the material this way – first, there is always a little more material and second, it does feel powerful because the rings tend to push together creating a little less of that lacey effect. And, the closure is a lobster clasp in the center after tapering each end to a triangular point. A simply elegant design to empower you. The jewelry for Medana are part of the 30 Objects each valued at $50.00 each, only a few more left to add to the collection.

Aphrodite's Necklace
Aphrodite's Bracelet

More New Designs

In other news, the large EarthHeart pendant is now part of an artist exhibition raising funds for two climate parks: one, here in Oja and one, in Rosendal, South Africa all in a month centered around Earth Day. Having artists in two countries working together on projects really brings it home how much we’ve all learned to communicate beyond our backyard. You can see the exhibit in person at the Helios Gallery (courtyard side) in Ojai, 260 E. Ojai Avenue or online at (where you can also view the auction items now). Be sure to stop by for the Closing Reception in Ojai from 11AM-1PM, Sunday, April 18 where you can chat with me and the other exhibiting artists. 


Kassy Bikini Top - Front
Kassy Bikini Top - Back

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