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Nature’s Healing Balm

In this new year, I call you to nature as the healer; the balm to aid us as we travel through the changing landscape of our world. And, boy, those changes keep us hopping these days. Nature’s call of the geese shows the way to let go. The varying space within us and around us opens in nature. Be in the quiet and wonder of the night sky or the sun beating down to warm you. Be in the space you part the grasses with. Let nature hold you in the new year as we continue our daily journey. And, I’ll continue to create and share my ideas with you.

30 Objects of the Heart

Two New Pieces!

And, in that spirit, natural elements showed up in the new pieces created for the Objects of the Heart collection each valued at $50.00. Objects of the Heart, how appropriate as we are heading into the month of heart-full thoughts.

“Delicate Feature” is a  necklace using a thin strip of stainless Metal Lace. At the very center of it hangs a single cast brass, gold-plated ash pod. I grabbed a bunch of these ash pods while living in the Midwest and focusing on plants. I still love the shape, reminiscent of a heart.

And, a pair of earrings because I find joy in wearing new earrings and thought you might too. “Joyful Delight” begins with a delicate gathering of stainless Metal Lace, finishing with a single cast brass, gold-plated ash pod. Super light to wear and they dangle gently as you move.

Delicate Feature
Joyful Delight

More New Designs

Valentine’s Sale

I’ve created a new take on my ever popular scarf. The Ribbon Scarf/Necklace is delicate, only ½” wide and 30” long. A simple tie or two in front and you’re ready to go. Two pearls hang from each angled end. Valued at $100.00.

The Ribbon Scarf/Belt has an extra feature of a slight V in the center to draw your eye in where four pearls hang, finishing with two pearls on each angled end. Again, only ½” wide by 60” long, so the ability to wrap and tie in any way you desire is there. Plus you may have enough length to create a simple belt tied around the waist. Be sure to tie it twice to keep it from opening up as you walk. Valued at $150.00.

And, to entice you and spread some love as we’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day, I’d like to offer you 14% off for the next 14 days (1/26 to 2/9) on the new Ribbon Scarves along with free shipping for purchases of $100.00 or more. I know I’m looking for extra love these days, so here’s some from me.

Finally, we will try to ship orders the same day, but the post office has been overloaded, so to make sure your purchase arrives by Valentine’s day, be sure to place your order by the 7th.


30" Ribbon Scarf
60" Ribbon Scarf

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