Hera's Wristlet worn by Kelsey

The Act of Giving

There was a time growing up in my family where we made holiday gifts for each other. I remember once where I made a giant cookie for my Dad. A cookie the size of a pizza pan. Seems like it also had filling in the center so there may have been two cookies put together. How I found the recipe and decided to do it is beyond me. But, it is a fond memory of putting something together and gifting it. Who knows maybe it’s how I became an artist. In any case, creating always comes with a story, even when the artist doesn’t know it. Somehow, at some point, the story shows up.

By the way, that gorgeous woman of the left is Kelsey Hellebuyck. She has been kind and generous with her time and talents and given us some amazing photos. She is a ballerina with the Kansas City Ballet and her Instagram account is #ivanadance.

30 Objects of the Heart


A Few More…

I’ve added a few more pieces to the 30 Objects of the Heart with the value of $50.00. I wanted you to see something new. Continuing the collection from Arianrhod, the Celtic Goddess Mother of the endless circling of the Silver Wheel of the Stars are three new objects. The first is Arianrhod’s Chain, an easy, every day chain to wear to keep the energy of the stars with you throughout the day.

Arianrhod's Chain
Vega Earrings

I’ve also added two pairs of earrings from Arianrhod. Of course, she would insist on a feminine shaped earring with the name of a star, hence, the Vega Earrings with grey pearls.

And, then there’s the Capella Earrings with white pearls to provide a longer, elegant look to enhance the goddess shape of your face.

Capella Earrings

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