Stuck at Home? Go Virtual!


The Saint Louis Saint Louis Art Fair InfoVirtual Art Show is coming soon. There will be over 100 artists from all over the country. This is a very well juried show, so it is definitely worth your time to check out. They are even making the virtual experience mirror the on sight experience by including live musical performances and activities for children.

This is only my 2nd Virtual Show so I’ll be checking it out too. Please join me!

The Show Dates are September 11-13 at where everyone can view new art from all over the country.

 “An intimate voice and she rocks”

Licity Collins’ has generously offered autographed copies of her CD “One Town Girl” as your gift with a purchase of $250.00 or more through August 25th. Only 10 are available, so don’t delay. Checkout Licity’s website for a preview: It’s an honor to give you this opportunity to hear her voice. 

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