My Show Schedule is a Little Different this Year…

How is everyone? Well, I have news; I’m participating in my first ever virtual art Madison Capitol Buildingfestival this weekend. Where is it or shall I say where was it going to be held? Tents usually spread out all around the capitol in Madison, Wisconsin and from wherever you are the capitol is sure to be seen as it is sitting atop a slight hill. Oh, in July, of course, it is sure to be hot and humid with a thunderstorm thrown in during setup just for good measure.

Photo by David MoumAt least that’s what happened the last time I was there. We had luckily set up most of the display before a major storm came through where the water sloshed up to our knees. The magic of lightning lit up the sky around us. When it touched down close by, we skedaddled. Better than getting fried on the spot under a tent with a metal frame. The following show days were beautiful, the people were fantastic and appreciative, and I was glad I was there. 2020 brings us the beautiful weather of wherever you are along with your favorite beverage in the total comfort of your home.

Here are the details:



“An intimate voice and she rocks”

I wanted to honor all of you as we move into the hot days of summer. The Sizzling heat of summer brings on dancing and singing even in this time of chaos. For what better way to beat the blues than dancing along to your favorite tune. My friend, Licity Collins, whose powerful words you read in my last newsletter, offered me 10 of her autographed CDs of “One Girl Town”. So, for the next 30 days with a $250.00 purchase or more, receive an autographed CD of Licity’s first CD “One Girl Town” as a bonus. We all are craving more movement – here’s a great excuse! And checkout Licity’s website to preview what you’ll get:

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