Mothering the Universe

Fear or Love?

Licity Collins

Licity Collins – Photo by Jeff Evans

Honestly, I didn’t know how to begin writing this. Sadness spilled into my heart over the recent developments in our country. And, I couldn’t really figure out what to say. So, I decided to include words from my dear friend, Licity Collins, a musician filled with the ability to express hope and love. Her honesty and directness said it all for me. Here’s an excerpt with a link to the full story:

“How do we love those who hate us?”  An audience member asked her.

Licity replied, “You just do. Do it because they are a part of you.

Fear or Love?

We are seeing (again) the difference between what happens when we are led by fear and when we are led by love. When fear leads, our needs compete and people die. We believe it’s us or them, you or me. When love leads, all of our voices, all of our lives are valuable and included. People strive to keep one another alive. We believe in “and,” “all,” and “we.”

We have taught our police to be afraid.

Every time a police officer is called to do their job, they are walking into a bad situation. That cannot be easy. (Yes, I have compassion for everyone. That’s how love works.) We all know, when we are scared, we make bad decisions. If the police are coming from a basis of fear, they will make the situation worse, much worse. And when the police make bad situations worse, people can die. It is the charge of our police to make bad situations better. This can only be done if they operate from a basis of love. This can only happen, if they see their job as an act of love.

It takes Courage.

We have to do better—every one of us, in every one of our actions—all the time.

We have to ask ourselves, when are we coming from love and when are we coming from fear? In everything. We have to ask ourselves when and why are others coming from fear? We have to ask ourselves how can we help them come from a place of love? We are all connected. Fear lives in each one of us. So does love.

It’s not naive.

It’s not political.

It’s not preaching.

It’s not bullshit.

It works.

Martin Luther King Jr. taught that there are two forces operating in the world. Fear and Love. Nothing has made that truth more clear than this time.”

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It helped me to read Licity’s words; I hope you find a greater understanding as well. And, here is her website where you can learn more about her and her moving music You can probably tell I’m a big fan!

Have you noticed the hesitation in returning to any kind of regular schedule? Wall pieces HangingThe uncertainty of how we move out into the world, especially now. We are all finding ourselves, seeing our interiors, and preparing ourselves for life in a new way. A different life is our reality; one without clarity; one without the ground under our feet it appears. Seemingly easy decisions have become a series of complex, mind-numbing details. Yet, we are adapting in this changing world with an amazing ability to engage. Have you reached out to people you haven’t spoken to in years? Have you found yourself in deep conversations understanding even more about the person you’re speaking with? These are the blessings however small they may seem.

As an artist, I’m here to bring beauty into your world in various ways. And, as always, draw you into my creative mind. Creation takes spirit from inspiration to form in one tiny little detail. Form is made up of a series of such details each relating to the whole. This time ideas came together for something completely different, two small wall hangings.

Moon Shining Over Sea

Moon Shining Over the Sea“Moon Shining Over the Sea” uses various plant forms electroformed from copper. Electroforming is a metal forming process in which parts are fabricated through electrodeposition on a model. The moon, the round shape, was a piece of the money tree plant; the plant I can identify in the grouping. We have two great symbols within this object. The moon which Egyptian priests considered to be the “Mother of the Universe”. Perhaps it’s time to find ways of mothering our universe and its people. And, Rome’s Great Mother, Juno Moneta, the source for money’s name. The Roman mint was included in the goddess’s temple as she provided a blessing on the money to bring good fortune. May good fortune shine on all of us as we certainly need it.


Unearthing the Shell Along the WayUnearthing the Shell Along the Way

“Unearthing the Shell Along the Way” uses electroformed copper plant forms and a cast bronze pistachio shell showing its opening. Now, how did I come upon using pistachio shells? Well, while eating pistachios one day, of course. Discerning the shell’s specialness, allowed the artistic feeling to flow into the fingers of reality. It’s this awareness that begins and ends the creative process.

Art is always there in front of me waiting to be seen. It’s inescapable – the need and urgency of an object to be born. So, I let the birth happen. I allow myself to be with the object as it leads me home to new awareness within myself. For I also excavate a part of myself moving with the object. How else can it come through me? How else can I possibly experience it? Be with it and let it arrive. No need to question it.

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