Blossoming Creation

Orange Blossoms

Have you ever looked into the dark recesses of yourself? It seems like a daily experience for me these days with less outside distractions and fewer interactions. And, I’m not saying I want to always focus internally, but it’s Pomegranate Blossomsinescapable now. Try entering the long black branches of yourself to find insight and strong personal awareness.

For when you feel and know it, you can blossom into your best self. I’m taking hints from the blossoming ofPoppies nature all around right now. The orange and tangerine trees have abundant blossoms on them and the fragrant smell cannot be ignored in passing.

The Matilija poppies stand at attention bursting at the seams, the white petals opening, exposing their yolk like innards. The pomegranate tree seems to have doubled in size overnight with shouts of red blossoms cheering each other on. Mother Nature in all its glory!

Mother Goddess

Mother GoddessIt seems like we’re in the celebration of the Earth Mother as well as Mothers out there everywhere. A friend of mine said the other day, Happy Mother’s Day, and not just to those women who Mother Goddess Headbandhave children. She identified theMother in all women as the creators we are which really fits for my next piece in the 30 Objects for $50.00 project. The triangle, a universal symbol for women, is displayed predominantly in The Mother Goddess Headband which can also be worn as a necklace. The Gnostics believed the triangle represented creative intellect and here it sits right on the third eye. For the Egyptians, the Mother-Goddess, lady of heaven, queen of the gods existed when nothing else had being and created that which exists. Kind of says it all! 

Yes, my timing’s off, but I can’t predict when and what I’ll be creating. It’s just the way it happens.

Circe Necklace

Circe’s Necklace

The Goddess of Magic inspired “Circe’s Necklace” with its four circles intertwined in the “Authentic Metal Lace”.  Commanding all the lights of heaven according to Pliny, Circe, the sorceress of the cosmic spinning wheel determined the fates of men. I couldn’t decide if this piece was meant to be long or short; looks great both ways. Let me know which length works for you. And, remember, I can custom make it either way; that’s what artists are known to do. It would be my pleasure! 

Stay inside and nurture your inner Goddess. And, let me know how it’s going for you. Love to hear from you!

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