I’m going on a journey, come along!

How is everyone? I know I’m feeling a little shaky these days and not exactly certain as to how to proceed. I’ve even felt unclear as to how to write to you, the people that hold me up. Hence the delay, while I gathered myself into our new reality. It helps knowing I’m not alone in the process. We’ve all been told we’re stuck at home at least 30 days, could be longer. It’s significant, a month. So many things can happen in one month. I somehow felt called to mark the time passing in a creative way.

As a way to share my creativity with all of you, I felt inspired to create 30 objects to represent this time (the first one is pictured). And, I want to give you an insight into my process. How do I choose amongst all the possibilities for these parts to come together? Some may use “Authentic Metal Lace” in them while others may use varying materials determined by the extra bits lying around in my studio. How do I decide what technique to use? My plan is to use any technique and material that comes to mind. I could end up using a hammer in addition to my pliers; it all depends upon my inspiration in the moment. In any case, I will talk about it. You may even see me throw something out and start all over. Who knows? It’s a journey and you can come along for the ride. Short videos will appear on my Instagram (theunzicker) and Facebook (also theunzicker) posts to give you a peek. So, be sure to look for them.

I’m sure I’ll do some jewelry; it’s always a good place for me to experiment as jewelry is much faster for me than my larger wearable pieces. And, I’m thinking about doing some smaller pieces for the wall. In any case, I’ll be creating – the sheer act of creation is the draw for me.

Each piece will be small enough to fit into the smallest priority mail box. Some pieces will take longer than others. I will not restrict myself on materials either, but it all must be at hand. Expediency is essential. All will be available on my website: www.theunzicker.com. And, I will post the finished pieces on Instagram and Facebook too. But, the best part, each piece will be offered at $50.00. It’s an opportunity for me to share! So if it calls to you, let me know. Perhaps it will lead to new designs or stepping off place for something else. But, one thing’s for sure, it will make my heart soar.

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