Holidays bring you closer to family – and I’m not alone in this. My big event today is to pick up my Mom at the Santa Barbara airport after selecting new eyeglass frames. Of course, her flight was delayed – 4 hours of delay. So, my schedule was altered too! I had lots of time

Shifty eyed seagull

Shifty-eyed seagull

between the frame selection and the airport. I found myself pulling into Goleta Beach Park close to the airport. Walking and clumping along on the pier going out into the ocean. The beautiful worn texture of the aged planks keeping me carefully stepping, wondering if I really am making a loud noise with each step. And, let’s just say I have an eerie feeling each time I pass one of those sharp-beaked seagulls lined up on the fence. Is it going to peck me? It seems ready to fly straight at me!

As the sun starts to set, I’m sitting now in my car facing the ocean watching the waves roll in. The crash of the waves reminding me of the constant breath in, breath out. This world has remarkable beauty. Do we take it in on a daily basis? I’d have to say I haven’t been by the beach too often this year. Seems like I’d better make some time for it; it’s relaxing. And, then maybe I won’t be so freaked about those crazy seagulls.

December can be chaotic, lots of parties, family gatherings, and places to be. Do we take the time for inner peace; to be able to reflect outer peace? Peace is what I wish for each one of us, each day, each moment. Perhaps it’s only for a few minutes – it can and does make a difference. Four pelicans pierce the sky and land in the water. Can life be that simple? Maybe. The sun is setting, sky filling with pink, it seems magical. I wish

Sunset over ocean

Sunset over ocean

your holidays to be filled with magic. And, thank you for being a part of my life. You are my gift!

Are you looking for a gift for that special someone? Guess what? I’m offering several one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces ON SALE now thru December 31. And, some of them are sterling silver chain mail which is extremely delicate and elegant. And, you probably haven’t seen it before as I don’t usually present them at my regular shows. I wanted to offer YOU, the opportunity to enjoy them. To brighten your day or the day of someone else in your world. Peace and love to you! Enjoy!

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