(The Show, Not the Furniture)

Ojai before Thomas

Our large box with the display, the one we paid $75.00 extra to take on the plane, is with our checked luggage. We’re heading for

The Triangle Dress at SOFA

The Triangle Dress on display at SOFA in the Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts booth.

Chicago, arriving around 3PM. Then the race begins, gather 2 boxes, 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks and a hand-truck – all of it going with us to Navy Pier, the site of SOFA, (Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art and Design). Will it fit in the car arriving thru Lyft? The answer is just barely. I had to sit in the front seat; Keith in the back with some of the luggage. And, that giant box somehow fit into the trunk. Booth B23, the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, is the destination; setup of the display and “The Triangle Dress” is today. Only after we’re complete with this can we go check in at our AirBnB in the Old Town area of the city. And, it’s Halloween – on the way to our home for the weekend, we see tons of little kids dressed in costume. It was a wonderful way to begin our journey.

Thursday night is the opening preview with a jam-packed crowd in attendance. We decided to walk from our place to Navy Pier; about 35 minutes total. But the walk was worth it, following the lakefront mostly, watching the waves break and forgetting the cars racing by along Lakeshore Drive. Hard to believe we were actually working! It felt more like we were enjoying the city from the lakefront. And, we continued to walk to Navy Pier each day – it set a quiet tone for us and felt invigorating.

Organized and curated by Kevin Wallace, the special exhibits booth consisted of works created by various artists featured in his new book, “Intersection Art and Life”. Schiffer, the publisher, also had a booth to promote Kevin’s book. And, a few artists, including myself, were on hand to answer questions about their pieces. In this way, I was able to meet fellow artists and see the show. Kevin was on hand to sign his book along with any of us artists available at the moment. And, because only one piece of art by each artist was selected, a unique space existed – an inviting and intriguing space. In some ways like a museum exhibition with the artists as the tour guides.

So to keep the momentum going for the book, the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts will have an exhibition of artwork, created by several of the artists in the book, including me. Rats! The “Triangle Dress” hasn’t sold yet, but that means there’s still time to see it. Stop by and see me with my dress displayed on its new black form at the opening this Saturday, November 10, from 2-5PM. The exhibit will remain open thru December 30.

And, I know there are lots of events happening right now. So if you miss me November 10, I will be showing on Saturday, December 1st at the Human Arts Gallery in downtown Ojai. Human Arts will be featuring work by Sooz Glazebrook, Robert Lamarche, Sandra Torres, Anya Broenink, and me. The opening reception takes place from 5-8PM (food and wine) and I and the other artists will be on hand to talk with starting from 2PM on. Hope to see you soon!

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