Ecstatic News!

My work has been published in a book titled, you guessed it, “Intersection  Art & Life” written by Kevin Wallace, the director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts here in Ojai. Go to page 46 for the full view which includes written details on the piece. Yes, I’m keeping it a secret; you’ll want a copy for yourself. Of course, there are lots of pictures; it’s an art book and to be expected. But it’s quite refreshing to read the artist’s viewpoint on their work giving the reader a deeper understanding of each piece. And then, Kevin relates the contemporary work pictured to art throughout history. So, if a photo intrigues you, both vantage points give you a chance to explore further.

Art in Life

But, here’s the important aspect of this particular book. How are we as individuals influenced by art in our daily lives? How important is art to each of us? Where do we see art as we go to work and come home? What would happen if it didn’t exist and is that even possible? These are the big questions. Questions that require thought and inspire action. So, when you decide to purchase a piece of artwork, remember the artist put a great deal of thought and time into it. But, more importantly, you are supporting the artist; the continued creation of art. My artwork happens to reside on the body, but my home is filled with artwork from various artists I’ve met throughout my life. And, each piece has a special meaning for me. I can even call up the time I purchased it along with the face of the artist. I find that magical! Enjoy yourself when exploring art and may our paths cross soon!

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