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Thank You!!

Before we dive into the newsletter I want to thank everyone who made a purchase in January. As promised 10% of January sales are being donated to Thomas Fire Fund and the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. Your purchases mean that each will receive a check in the amount of $197.50. Both organizations will relish your assistance as the people and the land in the area continue to recover.

Working with SCORE

For the past two years, an intensity of work has taken place behind the scenes for the company of Unzicker. My husband Keith and I have been working with SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) to create changes in my business. You may have noticed a change in our logo and/or that I’m actually sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis. Our concern: Traveling everywhere to do business might not be the best business model to follow as it is an incredibly expensive way to do business. All right, I’ll admit here that I have seen some amazing places because of the shows I’ve traveled to and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything else. And, while breaking down in Utah only to be saved by the Mormons makes a good story, after a while, it seems maybe a little less business travel sounds exotic. We do live in Ojai after all.Background of SCORE

We met with Robert initially probably around once a month. With his guidance, we looked at the financial numbers of the business in ways we previously hadn’t. And, he kept asking questions as to what our needs were. We knew we were very weak in the marketing area. Makes sense, I’m a creative person; oftentimes, marketing is a somewhat foreign concept to artists. He suggested a number of SCORE workshops with James Bond. Yes, James Bond, can you believe it?

Those workshops led to private meetings with James Bond, marketing guru, who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and has extensive experience. I thought I might be bored doing this work; but, with James, I found marketing to be a creative experience with words and a focus on our clients. Our slogan, “Surprisingly Comfortable, Strangely Empowering TM” came out of one of our sessions and was inspired by what our clients have said. And, after our initial meeting, I always looked forward to working with James again.

Score Success Story

And now, SCORE, has honored us by featuring UNZICKER as a success story on their website. We have received so much from SCORE with very little cost. And to be honored this way is an added bonus which happened because Robert recommended us and we followed through on all the details. UNZICKER, as a business, has never received this much support. Success happens by building a strong platform for your business and relying on assistance to help you with all the various stages a business goes through. The growth of a business is organic and it’s not often easy to determine how and what needs to happen on your own. UNZICKER now has the support it needs for its success. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, SCORE!

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