Have You Climbed a Tree Recently?

One Tuesday night this month, I was getting ready for my class with Kim Maxwell.  I thought I was ready to go when I noticed a need or desire to wear more of my jewelry than the earrings I had on. I decided on the rolled necklace to go with my earrings and somehow felt more put together. I didn’t question it at the time; later I realized why I reached for the necklace too. 

Tree Trunk

Looking Up

Every Tuesday night with nine other people and Kim Maxwell, our guide, I write, write, and write some more. I signed up for this to expand my knowledge in writing and public speaking. Out of my comfort zone, I find myself stretching and reaching in unexpected ways. This process has pulled the rug right out from under me more than once and I’m not even halfway through the class.

On the night I chose to wear that necklace, I wrote a story that I had spoken many times.  Only this time, I wrote it down and then read it out loud to the group. It hit me much harder.  The emotional impact was like slamming into a brick wall. I believe I wanted, on an unconscious level, the added protection Authentic Metal Lace provides. Somehow it gave me the extra strength I needed to put myself out there in an unusual way.

Trying something new isn’t the easiest direction to go, but it is important for growth.  If we don’t push ourselves in various ways, how can we expect to go beyond our perceived limits? How can we expect to reach some of those seemingly unattainable goals? And, in our own process, we develop unexpected relationships.  Relationships that can provide new insights and deep joys.

I encourage you to take some risks, to explore your inner self, or just to try something new. It could even be a tasting experience; treating yourself to a few exotic foods. Walking in a new environment for a change. Climbing a tree if you haven’t done it before or if it’s been awhile, trying it again. Anything that changes your perspective will do.

I’d love to hear what you’ve tried recently! At the end of this class, I will be telling my story to a crowd of people. I don’t even know what the story will be at this point.  So, it feels uncomfortable. But, I’ll keep my Authentic Metal Lace with me and keep on moving on.

By the way, Kim Maxwell has a podcast called “The Townies” that incorporates the stories told by her students. It’s funny and moving and definitely worth checking out. www.thetowniespodcast.org

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