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This is part two of a two-part post. It will make more sense if you read part one first. Enjoy part two!

So, I sent the piece to Robin in New York letting her know ahead of schedule that it wasn’t complete.  I stated that it would be her job now to tell me what’s next.  Our body types are very different so I couldn’t rely on what it looked like on me.  I knew attachments of some kind on the lower sides of the piece were necessary to finish it.  And, there was also the possibility that an unforeseen change would take place.

Robin temporarily stitched it in place with twist ties to hold it which is one of my working tools for this stainless material and called me to discuss the next step.  We tried using FaceTime for our discussion where we both ended up laughing hysterically. We could hear each other but I couldn’t see the dress fully. And, she couldn’t hold the phone far enough back for me to see. Technology was limiting our progress. Then she sent me several photos via text of her wearing the piece so I could see what was happening.  And, finally, we discussed the final stages of the piece.

Once we had settled on the details for the final stage, we were chatting a bit about the creation of a piece specific to Robin’s body type. She said, “It is a piece for my body, but not only that, it is a piece for my psyche too.”  She went on to say, “The whole process is so attractive”; meaning the time spent in my studio and the finalization of the piece over the phone.

Actually, most of the hard work was completed when she was here in my studio.  The final steps were to do two small sides seams towards the bottom of the top and move the top straps in front towards the center a little bit.  And, I will be adding a tiny strip of hand-linked gold color anodized aluminum to the front straps as an accent on the piece.  Sounds simple, huh?  Well, we started in February and it’s now the end of May.  It’s a process that cannot be rushed along, but It’s well worth it.

An update to the story: When Robin received the piece she sent this message: “I just opened the shirt and I LOVE IT! It is exquisite! The gold chain (The gold accents in the picture [italics are my addition]) really adds to it and it fits perfectly! Many Thanks!”

The finished piece is pictured below.

Robin’s Top – Front

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