Robin called a couple of days before I was leaving Ojai, California to do two shows on the road. My brain was filled with all the last minute tasks to accomplish. And, oh, I guess, the worry of forgetting something. I wasn’t even sure I had time to meet with her. But, after speaking with her for a few minutes, I carved out some time. I could tell this meeting was extremely important to her. She saw my work in a magazine but had forgotten which one. She remembered the work, but couldn’t find my information. So, she went on a long search on the internet until I popped up. I have to say, “I admired the determination to meet me.”

Robin's Top - Side

Robin’s Top – Side

She had told me on the phone that she was interested in one of my tops and she was visiting from New York. So, I rearranged my studio and displayed what I had available. Robin tried on every piece on display. And, in this process, a little voice in my head kept saying, “show her the new one, even though it’s not finished.” Finally, I pulled it out; I didn’t have it on display because it wasn’t complete. But, this particular piece spoke to her. With Robin as the model, she and I guided the direction of this piece. I even attached new parts and had her try it on again. I knew now what was necessary to bring it to the next stage. Our process took approximately two hours but was still incomplete. I told her I would call when I was ready for another fitting session.

I realized after she left, “I’m going to want her to come back again today; otherwise, I will be cutting it too close to my leaving town.” A frantic work pace ensued but I did indeed see her again that afternoon. She really liked what had transpired. Again, we looked at all the details and determined that additional length was next. Only this time, I would be adding the length and

Robin's Top - Back

Robin’s Top – Back

calling her after I returned from my trip. I learned a few things about Robin by spending so much time with her. She is a therapist and an artist. Hence, the ability to adjust and allow for the next steps to come seemed natural. Robin left two hours later saying, “I don’t want to leave.”


Robin and I were co-creators during this process. And, truthfully, it’s an amazing thing to allow creativity to flow through you. In this case, the client and I were able to share the experience while something new came forward. I’ve actually added the length and sent the piece to Robin with the understanding that it was not complete. I’m hoping to talk with her soon to see what’s next. Honestly, I’m anxious to speak with her. Was the process therapeutic? Stay tuned for part 2.

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