You May Ask Yourself “How Did I Get Here?”

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Rhonda and Elaine

Rhonda interviewing Elaine. One of Rhonda’s interns in the background learning interviewing techniques.

I started my business in Chicago producing and selling jewelry using the stainless chain mail. My thoughts, at that time, were that I would continue to create jewelry and to be known as a jeweler. However, when I moved to Ojai in 2001, my artwork began to morph. Around 2003, the dress “Shimmering Free” appeared.

“Shimmering Free” happened as I listened to my inner guidance direct me. I was working on a top when a message came thru stating this isn’t a top; it is a dress. All kinds of questions popped into my head at the time. “Who am I making this for?” “Who will buy it?” “Why a wearable dress made of metal?” But, I kept pushing the construction and waiting for the finale. And, the result made me smile. “Shimmering Free” went on to appear in four exhibitions, many publications and to finally win an award in a wearable art exhibition.

I am becoming known in the world of fashion/wearable art. And, this journey has been quite unexpected for me. Surface Design magazine featured my work in their summer issue 2016 with a wonderful article written by Leesa Hubbell titled, “Alchemists of Adornment” where, in addition to a discussion of my journey and process, you can see several photos of my work. And, this month, Rhonda Hill, a fashion industry expert interviewed me in my studio for her blog E D G E, and a fabulous article titled “The Art and Fashion of Metal Lace” is the result. Follow this link to read the article.


Rhonda’s interns getting familiar with Elaine’s work.

I first met Rhonda Hill the CEO and founder of E D G E [Emerging Designers Get Exposed] in Camarillo at the Studio Channel Islands Art Gallery for a fashion show which included my work. Such a warm, generous person with fabulous information and guidance for an unknown in the fashion world. She’s my source when I have questions regarding the fashion world. And, I’ve enjoyed reading articles published on her website. Rhonda has also reached out to aspiring fashion students. Or, maybe more accurately, they grabbed her. Her two recent interns met Rhonda when she was invited to speak at their school, The Fashion Institute. They were so impressed with her presentation that they approached her and asked for an internship, even though that meant commuting from Los Angeles to Ventura. Rhonda and I have have been connecting at various art events including exhibitions of paintings by Erik Reel, her partner.



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