Elaine and I were recently in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to be part of a trunk show featuring

Elaine's work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Elaine’s work in the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art gift shop.

her work. It was impressive to see the display they put together. The museum has an excellent armor collection, and they used photos of the collection, paired with an antique desk, to display the work.

We got to meet the sales staff at the store and they were delightful. We had a good time trying on pieces (especially the vest) and they got more familiar with Elaine’s work.  We also had a great time meeting the museum’s patrons and demonstrate the work for them. This included one very proud little boy who got to wear the vest backward and become a knight, for the night.

The other side of the display of Elaine's work.

The other side of the display.

Elaine had made new pieces especially for the museum which the staff loved. They decided that the new work, particularly the black and white bracelet, would fit in well with the International Pop exhibit that was due to open shortly. So Elaine’s work has been included in the exhibition gift shop as well. According to the museum’s website International Pop:

“…navigates a fast-paced world packed with bold and thought-provoking imagery, revealing a vibrant cultural period shaped by widespread social and political revolution.”

Elaine at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Elaine standing with her work.

There is more information about the exhibit here:  philamuseum.org/exhibitions/current.html

The museum staff also took us on a tour of the armor collection with an eye toward Elaine designing pieces that would echo aspects of certain pieces in the collection. This is a very exciting idea. While Elaine has certainly been influenced by medieval armor, her designs have always been contemporary. But, there are some amazing designs in the collection. Armorers not only made utilitarian armor, they created art that was as much about beauty (and prestige) as it was about protection. incorporating some of these ideas in contemporary pieces could lead to some very interesting places.

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