I wanted to share this video with you all, not just because the presenter, Cathy Bao Bean, is wearing Elaine’s vest (although that is pretty cool), but because I love her idea that we are all at least bi-cultural and that you don’t understand a culture unless you understand its humor. “The Chopsticks-Fork Principle” is Cathy’s book about being a Chinese immigrant (at the age of four), marrying a Midwestern caucasian American artist and raising a son within the context of those two (at least) cultures. Her experiences and unique melding of her cultural influences make for a great read. Her talk is funny yet poignant and urges us all to have a sense of humor when encountering misunderstandings and when learning about other cultures. Her book is widely available. Visit her website www.cathybaobean.com.

That artist husband of hers? That would be Bennett Bean. If you are not already familiar with his work, do yourself a favor and visit his website www.bennettbean.com . Bennett’s work is in the collections of many museums and has earned many honors. The mere scope of his work is breathtaking.

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