We just got back from the One of a Kind Show in Chicago, where Elaine was interviewed by Amy Rutledge of WGN television for a spot on the evening news! It was really nice for her to get this kind of publicity in our old hometown. Coincidentally, one of the other artists interviewed, Jonathan Rutledge (www.rutledgejewelry.com), went through the same art program as Elaine (at different times) and had the same professor, Dennis French as his mentor. Oh, She won’t like that I included this, but the woman looking at Jewelry in the still image for the video? That’s Christina, our wonderful neighbor from across the aisle at the show. She thought that the picture makes her look hunchbacked. To make it up to her, here’s a link to her website: www.urbangypsydesign.com. Elaine’s interview begins at 53 seconds into the video. Enjoy!

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