Earlier this year (in fact, while sitting in LAX waiting for our flight to leave) we were contacted by Kristy Downer,  a stylist from Boston. She was styling a photo shoot based on Joan of Arc for Fashion TV Network. Of course, we wanted to do it, its the perfect scenario for Elaine’s, but we were on the road for 3 weeks and she needed the pieces before we returned home. We had to decide if and how we could do this while on the road. It took some doing (What pieces can we do without while still having enough to do shows and how do we get the pieces to Boston on time) but the pieces arrived (2 days after they were supposed to and only 1 day before the shoot) and the photo shoot took place. The results are below. Niki Lazaridou was the photographer, Jennie Ross was the model and hair and makeup were by Karrie Welch. The full shoot can be seen at http://www.fashiontv.com/gallery/jennie-ross-by-niki-lazaridou_399454.html.

Joan of Arc w/Helmet

They found an appropriate setting

Top and Skirt

For this shot they used the tanktop and a skirt.

Although Elaine has made Coifs (the headpiece in the photo below) she can’t take credit for this one.

Men's Shirt

This piece is actually a men’s shirt!

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