The gift shop of the Royal Ontario Museum ( in Ontario, recently began carrying Elaine’s work and we recently visited the ROM.

ROM Side

Side of the old ROM building, possibly the old front?

Beside having excellent taste in work for their gift shop, the building itself is visually stunning. This view shows the old building, nice but not special. The next photo shows the new addition just peeking out over the top of the old building, and then the crystal itself.

Peeking Out

The new addition to the ROM peeking out above the old building.

Giant Crystal

The giant crystal which appears to grow out of the side of the old ROM building.

Meanwhile, inside the museum, Elaine stands in front of the case displaying her work (and Keith shows off his very amateur photography skills, don’t worry the next pic is of the work).

Elaine at ROM

Elaine at ROM gift shop with her work.

Elaine's Work at the ROM

Elaine’s Work at the ROM

Another museum that recently acquired Elaine’s work is one you might know, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art and they are doing very well selling Elaine’s work.

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