Metal isn’t supposed to feel this soft!

Take it Off

I bought your necklace at the Baltimore Craft Show. The only problem is, people keep asking me to take it off so they can feel it. If you receive requests from the Philadelphia area, they probably come from me — because I wear the necklace a LOT.


Referring to our newsletter: “Hopefully it highlights to others that these pieces are not just fascinating apparel, they are experiential and very personally expressive.”

Robin, Syracuse, New York

Fashion Armor

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Bill Cunningham

Most Comfortable

It’s the most comfortable piece of jewelry I own. People always come up to me and ask if they can touch it.

Minnesota Customer


I got the scarf and IT IS WONDERFUL!!! I love it to pieces! Thank you again for your excellent work and my wonderful statement piece. May you have continuing success in all your endeavors! Hope to see you again.


Very Happy

We…just got back from D.C. and we went to…the Phillips Museum. And low and behold, in their gift shop was some of your mesh jewelry. Of course, there are a couple of necklaces that I bought my daughters and…my own necklace…that I always get compliments on. …it makes me very happy that other people will see your beautiful work.    J. W. Ventura, CA

The Magical Antics of Robert Hoffman (aka Hoff)

It’s January again and I’m creating new work for the ACC Baltimore show. Every year my thoughts return to the first time I met Hoff in my booth in Baltimore. He strolled in on his magical shoes wearing a cape, a button-down vest, fingerless gloves, and, of course, a...

Presence, Presents or BE PRESENT – The Thomas Fire

Presence, Presents or BE PRESENT The Thomas Fire     December 5, 2017, at 10:20 AM here at LAX on the Southwest flight headed for Chicago. Last night and yesterday were a blur of rushing around to create this exit. We tucked ourselves in early knowing the 5:15 AM...

Have You Climbed a Tree Lately?

Have You Climbed a Tree Recently? One Tuesday night this month, I was getting ready for my class with Kim Maxwell.  I thought I was ready to go when I noticed a need or desire to wear more of my jewelry than the earrings I had on. I decided on the rolled necklace to...

The Therapeutic Process of Metal Lace, Part 2

Hi , This is part two of a two-part post. It will make more sense if you read part one first. Enjoy part two! So, I sent the piece to Robin in New York letting her know ahead of schedule that it wasn’t complete.  I stated that it would be her job now to tell me what’s...

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