Very Happy

We…just got back from D.C. and we went to…the Phillips Museum. And low and behold, in their gift shop was some of your mesh jewelry. Of course there are a couple of necklaces that I bought my daughters and…my own necklace with the seed pods…that I always get compliments on. …it makes me very happy that other people will see your beautiful work.

J. W. Ventura, CA

Milwaukee Award

“This artist’s manipulation of chain mail mesh, a material associated with protection and defense, into stylish pieces of wearable art is marvelous. The soft bends and folds of the forms add an unexpected subtlety of design to the works. The accenting details and clean designs combine to give each piece an overall elegance.”

Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of the Arts Award, 2008

Take It Off

I bought your necklace at the Baltimore Craft Show. The only problem is, people keep asking me to take it off so they can feel it. If you receive requests from the Philadelphia area, they probably come from me — because I wear the necklace a LOT.

Thanks.       Susan

Fashion Armor

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Bill Cunningham

Rave Reviews

Elaine—thanks a million.  Wore vest to St. Patty’s day party…..rave reviews.  Loving it.


Avid Fan

I adore my necklace, and find myself putting it on any chance I get. Please consider me one of your newest avid fans.

Linda L., Chicago

Totally Fabulous!

You are totally fabulous! I’m wearing the scarf right now and getting a lot of attention. I LOVE it!

Judy D.

More Media Exposure

Elaine has been in the media a lot this year, from blogs to magazines to the latest, the Peoria Journal Star article below. Its about a fashion show we did last weekend. We have some great pictures on the way that I'll post soon, there's a teaser below the article....

Joan of Arc Photo Shoot

Earlier this year (in fact, while sitting in LAX waiting for our flight to leave) we were contacted by Kristy Downer,  a stylist from Boston. She was styling a photo shoot based on Joan of Arc for Fashion TV Network. Of course, we wanted to do it, its the perfect...

Elaine’s Work at Royal Ontario Museum

The gift shop of the Royal Ontario Museum (rom.on.ca). in Ontario, recently began carrying Elaine's work and we recently visited the ROM. Beside having excellent taste in work for their gift shop, the building itself is visually stunning. This view shows the old...

Welcome to Our New Website!

We've updated our website to make easier to navigate, more attractive and, most importantly, easier to update. So, you can expect Elaine's new work to be on the site more quickly and frequent updates on all the news from our end (I have a backlog of happenings to let...

Our “How To” Video Shoot

We've promised for a while and now have finally shot the footage. We now have videos on how to wear the 1" wide scarf and the vest posted on YouTube and our site. We had a great team, Debra O'Brien is a camera operator for television. Steve Newkirk is an artist,...

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